All of our garments are made with GOTS certified organic fabric. We only use low impact chemicals and dyes that must be of at least 75% natural origin. All of our dyes must meet toxicity and biodegradability requirements before being used. All water waste created by the production of our garments is treated at an Effluent Treatment Plant. The processing and use of organic fabrics are not only less harmful to the environment, but beneficial to everyone in the supply chain, from the cotton farmers to the garment-makers. 

Aside from our silk accessories, all of our products are 100% vegan. We do not use leather, wool, down or other animal products. 


Our clothes are manufactured at a Fair Trade and GOTS certified factory in India that focuses on organic garment manufacturing with the goal to support local organic cotton farmers. GOTS manufacturing facilities must adhere to a social criteria which follows guidelines set out by the International Labour Organization. The facility and its practices are routinely inspected and assessed by third-party organic certifier, Control Union Certifications (License number: CU 020876)

We manufacture in very small batches to minimize waste as a result of over-production.


Our packaging is plastic free and 100% recyclable or compostable and we try to always keep packaging to a minimum.

**Please note due to manufacturing error, logo mailer bags are recyclable but not compostable- please recycle

If you prefer a composable mailer, please leave a note with your order 

design process

We don't want you to just wear your Wildflo Studio pieces for one season, we want them to last. We have designed each of our pieces to be simple, high-quality garments, so they remain staples in your wardrobe and don't lead to increased waste.

pricing model

At Wildflo Studio, we want to help open up the slow fashion space to be more accessible. Our prices may reflect the higher cost of organic fabric and workers earning living wages throughout our supply chain, however we will never charge unnecessary premiums.